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Top 10 Easy And Effective Fundraising Ideas

Raising funds is not always easy. Although people are generally willing and mostly able to donate money, for whatever good cause, certain things prevent groups or individuals from making their goals.

One possible problem stems from donors having to think about how much they need to give — or if they even need to give. In most cases, you need to be specific and actually ask for donations in order to actually get donations. Another major obstacle to raising the funds you or your organisation needs is the lack of interest in the event or campaign surrounding the cause.

A fundraiser has to inspire and engage people to help and donate. If you have a unique idea that might work, then go for it. Don’t fall into the trap of a boring dinner and dance or some other elaborate event. Try these top 10 easy and effective fundraising ideas for a change:

Holiday Fundraisers

It’s true that people are more generous right around Christmas. They may even be more willing to donate money when it’s the season for love, as in Valentine’s Day. So why not come up with events or campaigns that happen during the holidays?

Auction for a Cause

You can ask members of your community or your organisation to donate items they are willing to give away. Then auction off those items, with the proceeds going toward your cause.

Forget Lemonade

Everyone’s into smoothies or green juices these days, so get with the times and do a smoothie stand or green juice stand instead of the tired lemonade stand.

Challenge Accepted

You will need willing and adventurous participants for this fundraiser. Donors get to pick what they want volunteers to do: trek in a zombie costume for about a mile, eat a sizeable steak in under 30 minutes, or juggle five types of cheeses for five minutes. Each challenge will correspond to a dollar amount.

MasterChef Ripoff

In one episode, teams of amateur cooks in this Aussie show had to cook a three-course meal for diners who would then determine how much they were willing to pay for the dish they had. This fundraiser will require topnotch cooks so that you are guaranteed to get huge donations for each plate served.

Gold for Cash

Ask neighbours, friends, or colleagues to donate jewellery they do not use anymore and then sell them off online with proceeds going to the cause.

Scratch and Donate

Instead of donors winning the amount stated on the scratch card, it will be the amount they would have to donate to the fundraiser. It’s easy and fun because donors don’t have to spend a lot of time on it and they instantly know how much they need to give you.

No Gifts, Please

Whether it’s your birthday or your wedding, you could contribute to raising funds for your group by simply asking guests to make the donations in place of giving your gifts.

Balloon Destruction

Ideal for kids’ fundraisers, put notes with designated amounts in each balloon and when it’s popped, that’ll be the amount donors will give.

Game On

This fundraiser could be any sport you’ll be watching. Create an entire event, complete with hotdogs and beer and nachos. Each time a goal is scored, by either team, attendees donate a certain amount.