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How to Choose the Best from Several Different Fundraising Ideas

When you need to raise funds for your school, sports team, youth group or church, one of the first hurdles you have to overcome is finding a suitable fundraising idea.

Generating an idea for a fundraiser is a fairly easy task. You’ll see that the members of your group are more than willing to pitch in their ideas. Alternatively, you can go online to find fundraising ideas. The problem often arises during the selection phase.

So how do you choose which fundraising idea to use?

In order to ensure the success of your fundraiser, there are several factors that should be taken into account. First, you need to determine how many fundraisers to hold in a year. Ideally, when an idea has been agreed upon, launched and implemented, it should be able to help you meet its target. If you are conducting a fundraiser for a school and its projects, the ideal scenario would be to conduct two fundraisers instead of actively soliciting money for the whole duration of the school year. That eliminates the need for children and their parents to solicit money from sponsors every week.

Next, you need to determine the ingredients for success. More often than not, association and groups that have been successful with their fundraisers share a few important things. First, these groups ensure that every member of the group makes a contribution. Certainly, there will be some members who can net more outstanding results compared to their peers. However, every effort counts, no matter how big or little.

Next, successful groups create a solid framework to work with, especially in terms of communications. Every participant knows what is expected of him or her. Furthermore, they ensure that the members are briefed properly before, during and after the fundraiser.

Finally, the members of the successful groups know of the larger goal set up for them. And these goals were set because they were attainable for everyone.

Here at Fast Fundraising, we want to help groups eliminate the hassles commonly associated with organizing fundraisers, including finding a suitable fundraising idea for your group.

With our Scratch & Help booklets, we can help you achieve your goal in just four steps. First, you will have to determine how many booklets you will need to achieve your financial goal. After that, we’ll design a cover for your booklet. Once you approve the design, we’ll proceed to printing the booklets and delivering your orders. Finally, you can begin your fundraiser using the booklets.

Scratch & Help booklets can help you eliminate some of the hassles associated with fundraising by providing a solid structure, especially in the donation/sponsorship process, thus enabling you to reach your goals easily.