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An easy fundraising idea

Scratch & Help sponsorship booklets can help you reach your fundraising goal in 4 simple steps

1. Set your goal

First, decide how many booklets you need to reach your fundraising goal.

2. Place an order online

We’ll whip you up a cover design that will have your group buzzing with excitement.

3. Approve the design

When you’re happy with the design we’ll finish your booklets and get them to you pronto!

4. Start fundraising!

Hand them to your fundraisers and get people scratching and sponsoring your fundraiser!

How they work

Each member receives a ‘Scratch & Help’ booklet which has been customised for your fundraising group.

With their ‘Scratch & Help’ booklet in hand, sellers approach family, friends and neighbours to ask them if they would support the fundraiser by scratching off a few dots.

The amount revealed underneath each of the dots that the supporter scratches off becomes their contribution.

Each fundraising scratch booklet raises $80, of which $64 is pure profit!

Fundraising booklet

Why they work

The ‘Scratch & Help’ booklet is a fun and effective fundraising idea that gives structure to the sponsorship process by letting the person reveal their sponsorship amount instead of having to decide how much to give.

They work on the philosophy that many people support fundraising groups for the pleasure of giving and helping others rather than for what they will get in return.

Thousands of groups have raised over $4 million dollars using Scratch and Help Fundraising Booklets!

What we’re hearing

We found them FANTASTIC!!!!!!  Something different to other fundraising ideas and a lot of fun as people turn the “scratching” into a game of fun, like scratching to make a round figure or scratching and guessing what the dot will reveal.  We loved them and they will be on our list for years to come.

–  Belinda Griffiths. Warradale WigWam OOSH Centre

“This was such a great way for our Scout Group to raise money without alot of effort from our members.  The maximium donation from people wasn’t too excessive. There was a small outlay for a great profit.  Would do this one again.”

Jeanette Spencer. 1st Plenty Scout Group

How many booklets do you need to reach you goal?

  • The calculation doesn’t include any bonus booklets that you may be eligible for.

1 Booklet

$ 64


  • Raises $80
  • Costs $16
  • + 0 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $0
  • Total Profit $64
  • 400% Profit

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10 Booklets

$ 800


  • Raises $800
  • Costs $160
  • + 2 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $160
  • Total Profit $800
  • 500% Profit

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20 BookletsMost Popular

$ 1,600


  • Raises $1,600
  • Costs $320
  • + 4 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $320
  • Total Profit $1,600
  • 500% Profit

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50 Booklets

$ 4,000


  • Raises $4,000
  • Costs $800
  • + 10 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $800
  • Total Profit $4,000
  • 500% Profit

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100 Booklets

$ 8,000


  • Raises $8,000
  • Costs $1,600
  • + 20 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $1,600
  • Total Profit $8,000
  • 500% Profit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with each 'Scratch Pack'?

Each ‘Scratch Pack’ contains: • 1 ‘Scratch & Help’ Booklet • 1 ‘Tips for Participants’ sheet • 1 Introduction Sticker • 1 Zip Lock collection bag Every order also receives a ‘Tips for the Organiser’ sheet and recording sheet.

How long will it take for my order to be ready?

We aim to have all orders delivered within 5 working days from receiving your completed order form.

What makes the 'Scratch & Help' booklets so successful?

A number of reasons: 1. It’s a simple process for all people involved. The organiser just needs to set up the campaign and monitor the progress of the group. Usually, with other fundraising products, the organiser does most of the work. The fundraisers get an instant “yes/no” answer and aren’t required to do much more than get out and about and ask people for some support. The potential sponsor can make a quick easy decision whether or not to support the fundraiser with no decisions about ordering or time spent browsing through a catalog. 2. People just love to scratch off that silver stuff! They see it and want to know what’s underneath! 3. Fundraising participants feel a sense of ownership when the ‘Scratch Booklets’ have their photos and team/school colours on the front cover. They also get rewarded based on how much effort they put in and can see the dots being scratched and the money being raised – this helps a lot with motivation.

What if I can't pay for my order up front?

No problem. We have easy payment terms available for large groups who meet our credit criteria which allows you two weeks to pay for your order. If you don’t qualify for our credit terms, we recommend you order 1 or 2 booklets to get started. Once you have the funds from those booklets you can invest in more booklets to raise even more funds.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay online with a credit card via PayPal or by direct deposit into our bank account.

Can I return any unused booklets?

Unfortunately not, because each booklet is customised to the fundraising school/team/individual. We recommend you buy the minimum needed. It’s easy and quick to order more once we have your booklet design on file.

About how long does it take for someone to complete a 'Scratch Booklet'?

It depends on the individuals motivation. Some people can get a ‘Scratch Booklet’ finished in a couple of days, others can take a lot longer. On average 1 booklet per week is a reasonable expectation.

How many 'Scratch Packs' can/should I order?

It’s a good idea to start out with 1 booklet per person in your fundraiser and maybe get a few extras for those who need more. It’s easy and quick to order more once we have your booklet design on file.

Can I order extra 'Scratch Booklets' if we run out?

We will quickly be able to send you additional booklets because all of the design work has been done previously.