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Fundraising ideas and resources

10 Great Reasons! 

Why ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets are one of the best fundraising ideas  for you.

  1. 20% FREE booklets with orders of 10 or more if you pay in advance. Helps to offset your costs and raise more for your group at no extra cost.
  2. ‘Scratch & Help’ sponsorship booklets are personalised to your group by having your team or groups digital photo and personal fundraising message on the front cover. This is free on ALL orders! (even on single booklet orders)Order from 1 – 10,000 booklets no order too big or too small.
  3. Order from 1 – 10,000 booklets no order too big or too small.
  4. No shipping costs within Australia on ALL orders.
  5. Fast delivery time. Within 5 working days from receiving your completed order. Usually much less.
  6. Great tools for organisers including a campaign letter to send to parents explaining the fundraiser, checklist for organisers and a Hot tips sheet to get the most out of your fundraiser.
  7. ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets often raise more than $80 dollars when people deliberately over-give or don’t want any change from their sponshorship. This extra money can be used to buy prizes for the most successful members or to be kept by the members as a reward to enhance their motivation.
  8. No money up front! That’s right, if you’re a school or large group (with approved credit) you can have 2 weeks to fundraise before your payment is due (some conditions apply.)
  9. Easy to order using our simple 3-step online order form.
  10. Friendly, professional staff who are committed to making sure your order is processed as quickly and accurately as possible.

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The Keys to Successful Fundraising

A lack of planning and organisation can turn any fundraiser into a real chore.
Here are a few things to help facilitate your task.

1. Be Organised and Plan Ahead

Why are you doing this campaign? What is your financial goal?

Have a clear goal and target in mind and make sure that the group knows exactly what they are working towards. You need to send 20 people to camp or you need a new gymnasium etc. Then financially speaking how much money does every person in your group need to raise?

Key dates

Have a firm start and end date in mind when organising your campaign. Have a letter sent to your group explaining this and the 3 or 4 key collection dates along the way. Make sure that the fundraiser is short and sweet; lenghty campaigns tend tol discourage even the most motivated seller.

Where is the distribution and collection taking place?

Preferably this should all occur in the same place. But always have a secondary meeting place should the need arise. In the same letter in which you have the key dates laid out make sure that the meeting places are well established.

Helpers and group leaders

When dealing with any group you, as the organiser, should assign specific tasks to various people in the group. A Financial Officer should be assigned to keep track of the money that comes in during collection dates. The officer should also be in charge of where your group is in relation to your main goal(s). For larger groups assign a series of group leaders with their own personal goals and objective(s) for their groups.

How are you communicating your campaign to your group?

Make sure that your group, and if need be, their parents are sent letters before, during and after the campaign just to make sure that they stay well abreast of any changes or developments that should arise. These points should be addressed: Why are you doing the campaign? How much do you need to raise? When will the campaign or key dates be? What is expected of them? Emphasise fun, team effort and peer performance.

2. Communicate Effectively


Present the campaign to your group with a happy and cheerful attitude. This will comunicate the strong sense that this is a fun group activity and not a chore.

Stress the key points and stick to them

It can be really easy for a group to lose focus that is why the key points of every campaign should be well recognised.

The ‘Open Door’ policy

If any questions, comments or concerns should arise. Take care of them promtly. Make sure that the group knows that you and your group leaders are there to help and support them however they can.

Pitch practice

Go through what you think would be a good approach technique or strategy for your group. Practice role playing with them… you as the seller asking them as the donor to help out.

3. Always Motivate

Be positive

No matter what happens, you as the organiser will often times be the person that you group turns too for help and guidance. Always remain positive.


Don’t be afraid to advertise. Keep you group informed by putting up posters where the group will be sure to see them. It’s a great way to keep the group motivated when you aren’t there.

Organise a campaign kick-off party

Start the fundraiser with a party or something similar. Balloons, food and music should all be included.

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