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What Makes Our Scratch & Help Booklets One of the Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Sometimes, a school’s funds may not suffice for all of its programmes or projects, either because of the scale of these or because of budget cuts.

Now, as a parent, if you believe that these programmes or projects can have a direct impact on your child and his schoolmates or even on the community, you can make an invaluable contribution by coming up with a fundraising scheme.

In your search for fundraising ideas for schools, you may have likely come across various ideas, including Fast Fundraising’s Scratch & Help booklets. Here are some compelling reasons why you ought to seriously consider using Scratch & Help booklets for your fundraiser.

A lot of organisations try to generate funds for their projects by selling products. However, this does not always prove successful due to a variety of reasons. For one, some people simply do not wish to purchase the products being sold. Conversely, some organisations try to sell products that may be too expensive for the members of the community.

Scratch & Help sponsorship booklets answer this problem by giving potential donors/sponsors a clear idea of how much to donate and appealing to their need to contribute to a worthy cause. Based on the experience of some of the organisations which used our booklets, a lot of their sponsors donated more than they usually do and enjoyed scratching off numbers.

Another challenge you and your group members will likely face during your fundraiser is how to make each one an effective salesperson.

Scratch & Help booklets can help you overcome this common obstacle because they are easy for practically anyone to use and offer to potential donors. Once you have a clear objective for your fundraiser, the design of the booklet can make it effective for even kids to help achieve your targets. On average, each member can sell at least one booklet per week.

Finally, a lot of fundraisers fail because of problems with planning and execution. Scratch & Help sponsorship booklets can help bolster success due to their simplicity and ease of use. Once you have established how much money you need to generate for your school or organisation, you can order the necessary number of booklets and distribute these to each member. With these booklets, you can generate a profit of at least 400 percent from your initial investment.

Certainly, you and your group members still need to put in some legwork to guarantee success. However, with the thoughtful design of these booklets, you can easily overcome some of the most common fundraising mistakes.