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Fun Fundraising Ideas For Your Organisation

Whenever an organisation is short on financial resources, fundraisers are typically used to achieve the target amount required for a particular costly activity or project. There are so many fundraising ideas to choose from, but the most successful ones are always the fun and creative events (because people tend to be more generous when they’re enjoying themselves).

If you need to generate funds for your organisation, here are fun fundraising ideas definitely worth considering.

Bake Sales

This is so popular among churches because food never fails to attract customers. The best bakers in the congregation “donate” their home-baked goodies for the event, bringing gastronomic delight not only to the members of the church but also to outsiders who just cannot resist the sweet temptations. Event organisers say these bake sales do not only raise funds, but they also provide an opportunity for evangelisation.

Yard Sales

This is similar to a bake sale, except people bring their unused or old items to the event. Yard sales are all the rage these days among frugal and vintage-loving shoppers. People enjoy the dynamics of this event which require them to negotiate prices, or get a really good deal for the price they are willing to pay.


While this takes a lot of work to organise, the returns from staging a fair easily take organisations closer, if not directly, to their target amount of money. A fair is always fun because it has games, exhibits, vendors selling all sorts of affordable products that most people just have the strong impulse to buy, and other great attractions.


This requires participants to get pledges from family, friends, and concerned members of the community. These pledges are specific amounts of money assigned for a specific distance that the participant will be able to complete in the bike-a-thon. It’s a fun way not only to get fit but also to get other people involved in the achievement of the goal.

Basket Boys

Many find this to be a nice social event that effectively generates funds. A select group of boys come with a prepared picnic basket (with a full meal for two) and friendly young ladies bid for a chance to go on a picnic with them. For those who can’t get the concept behind Basket Boys, you can try watching the movie “Flipped.”

Country Hoedowns

Basically, event organisers charge for entry into the hoedown where refreshments and entertainment (sometimes there’s a hayride wherein participants can see the beautiful stars at night) are offered. This is perfect for people who love to dance to country tunes and dress up like nominees at the Country Music Awards