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Fun and Effective Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Sometimes, the financial needs of schools cannot be adequately met by their current budgets. Without the intervention of parents, alumni and other community members, the school’s programmes may have to be cut short or completely eliminated.

Through fundraising ideas for schools, educational institutions can gain much-needed funds to support these programmes, facilitate the remodel of school buildings, or even help in the creation of outreach and similar programmes which benefit the community and build goodwill.

Here’s a brief rundown of ideas that you can use to raise funds for your child’s schools.


Raffles are a perennial staple for schools seeking to raise funds. Here, parents and their children solicit donations from local businesses which will then be raffled off to the people who purchase tickets. Raffles are often used in conjunction with other activities/events like school fairs.

Artwork sale

With the guidance of art teachers, students produce art masterpieces that are sold to other parents, relatives and members of the community in order to generate funds.

Garage sales

Most people have small treasures buried in their basements and garage. Here, parents pool together belongings that they no longer need and sell these to the community. This fundraising activity helps raise funds for the schools while helping parents dispose of items they no longer have a use for.

Car wash

This activity is more suitable for older kids and teens. Here, a designated area serves as a car wash area where kids clean the vehicles of the community members. To generate more funds, parents and schoolchildren can turn to local businesses for sponsorship and promote these businesses in the flyers and posters for the event.

Talent night

Schools can turn venues like the school gym or cafeteria into a concert hall. To make this fundraising event, organisers need to rent a karaoke machine, tables and chairs, lighting and refreshments. The parents and children can then sell tickets and the buyers can have a good night belting out their favourite tunes.

Scratch & Help booklets

Scratch & Help booklets are customised solutions for fundraising requirements of schools. With these booklets, parents and their children approach prospective donors and ask them to scratch dots off the booklets. Under these dots is the amount which the donor will contribute to the fundraising activity. Apart from injecting fun and effectivity to fundraising, these booklets can provide structure to the activity by enabling prospective sponsors to have a definite idea of how much to contribute.