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Scratch and Help Booklets are a quick and easy fundraiser for your team or group.

Over the last ten years thousands of sports teams, school groups, churches, culture group, musical groups, sports clubs and many others who have been looking for for easy fundraising ideas have truly benefited from Scratch and Help fundraising booklets.

What makes this such an easy fundraising idea?

No products to handle or orders to manage

Forget about the hassle of taking orders, collecting payment and then distributing products for hardly any profit. With Scratch and Help booklets you brief your group, order the booklets, hand them out and keep encouraging your group 

Most of the work is done by the people fundraising, not the person organising the fundraiser

This is one of our most common bits of feedback that our customers love.  No longer will you be the one who has to do all the work for everyone else!

Short, sharp and simple

 Forget about the tortoise and the hare. This is a quick, easy and simple fundraiser that takes hardly any time to organise and run, yet according to our customers, delivers amazing results 


Scratch & Help booklets is one of the most profitable and easy fundraising ideas available

Hospital appeal fundraising ideas

Netball team fundraising

Rugby League fundraising

World Cup rugby fundraising

Relay for Life fundraising

Dance studio fundraising

Soccer fundraising

Sports team fundraising


Seriously Easy Fundraising Ideas

If you’ve been looking for easy fundraising ideas that are fast and profitable and will help you reach your  fundraising goals then look no further. Scratch & Help booklets are simple to organise, easy to implement and highly profitable. Whether you’re a sports group, school, church group or any other group, scratch and help booklets are great for raising money quickly so that you can achieve the things that are important to you.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Other fundraising options require you to take orders and distribute products to your donors and leave you with little profit. With Fast Fundraising’s Scratch & Help booklets you can order a completely customised fundraising product that helps to tell your story and improves your chances of success in reaching your fundraising goals.

Our customers consistently tell us that Scratch & Help booklets are the easiest and most successful fundraising ideas they’ve ever used. Go to our easy order form to get your fundraising started today.

 easy fundraising ideas 

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Scratch & Help booklets can help you reach your school’s fundraising goal – no matter what you’re fundraising for


Customised how you want

Personalise your booklets to enhance your fundraising profile and engage your donors.

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when you pay in advance. 1 free booklet for every 10 ordered when you buy on credit.

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Australia’s best fundraising idea

‘Scratch & Help’ booklets are the most profitable and easy tool for all types of fundraisers.

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See how quickly you can reach your fundraising goal 

Goal Calculator

  • The calculation doesn’t include any bonus booklets that you may be eligible for.

1 Booklet

$ 64

  • Costs $16
  • Raises $80
  • 0 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $0
  • Total Profit $64
  • 400% Profit
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10 Booklets

$ 800

  • Costs $160
  • Raises $800
  • 2 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $160
  • Total Profit $800
  • 500% Profit
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20 BookletsMost Popular

$ 1,600

  • Costs $320
  • Raises $1,600
  • 4 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $320
  • Total Profit $1,600
  • 500% Profit
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50 Booklets

$ 4,000

  • Costs $800
  • Raises $4,000
  • 10 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $800
  • Total Profit $4,000
  • 500% Profit
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100 Booklets

$ 7,200

  • Costs $1,600
  • Raises $8,000
  • 20 Free Booklets
  • Bonus Profit $1,600
  • Total Profit $8,000
  • 500% Profit
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*All profit calculations assume you choose to pay for your ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets in advance. Profit when paying after two weeks is 450% on orders of 10 ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets or more.