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Common Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

A fundraiser can be an unwieldy beast, whether you have previous experience or not. As such, it is not unusual for organisations to falter, even with good intentions in mind.

So how do you ensure the success of your fundraising endeavour? There is no sure-fire way to guarantee success. However, identifying the most common mistakes organisations make and avoiding these can bolster your chances of success. Here’s a brief rundown of these common mistakes to avoid.

Failure to set a goal

Apart from setting a profit goal, it is imperative to spend adequate time planning for other important aspects like the timelines and the tasks the members of your organisation have to perform. This will eliminate some of the stress involved.

Using the same fundraising idea

If you have had some measure of success in a previous fundraiser, it may be tempting to use the same template again. However, what worked before may not necessarily guarantee the same level of success. This is particularly true if you are raising funds for a school. You have to be mindful of the fact that you can only sell a limited amount of cookies in a single school year.

Ignoring the kids

One key mistake some PTAs make during fundraisers is to bear the brunt of the work and ignore the contributions their children can make. Apart from the direct impact of the fundraiser on the kids, this type of activity can help teach children how to be responsible.

Failure to delegate

There is only so much that one person can do. Do remember that successful fundraising requires the effort and contribution of all the members of the group.

Lack of transparency

You won’t find it difficult to find people who will readily help your cause. However, it is imperative to show potential donors where and how exactly the funds raised will be used.

Here at Fast Fundraising, we acknowledge that raising funds for your school, church or sports team can be quite challenging, no matter what your level of experience may be. As such, we have designed our Scratch & Help booklets to help your organisation to effectively meet its goals while allowing you to avoid some of the aforementioned mistakes associated with raising funds.

With proper planning and the active participation of your group members, you will see how Scratch & Help booklets have helped countless organisations raise funds through our help.