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Amazingly good fundraising ideas!

Customise your cover with the words and images you want

Personalise your booklets to tell your story and motivate your sponsors

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Australia’s best fundraising idea!

‘Scratch & Help’ booklets are Australia’s most profitable and easy tool for all types of fundraisers.

Here’s how this fundraiser works…

Relax.  It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Have you been looking for a fast and profitable fundraising idea that will help you reach your goals? Scratch & Help sponsorship booklets are simple to organise, easy to implement and highly profitable. Whether you’re an individual or a group, Scratch & Help booklets are great for raising money quickly so that you can achieve the things that are important to you or your group.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Other options require you to take orders and distribute products to your donors and leave you with little profit. With Fast Fundraising’s Scratch & Help sponsorship booklets you can order a completely customised product that helps to tell your story and improves your chances of success in reaching your goals.

Our customers consistently tell us that Scratch & Help booklets are the easiest and most successful fundraising idea they’ve ever used.

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How quickly can  you reach your fundraising goal?

Goal Calculator

  • The calculation doesn’t include any bonus booklets that you may be eligible for.

1 Booklet

$ 64


Raises $80
Costs $16
+ 0 Free Booklets
Bonus Profit $0
Total Profit $64
400% Profit

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10 Booklets

$ 800


Raises $800
Costs $160
+ 2 Free Booklets
Bonus Profit $160
Total Profit $800
500% Profit

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20 BookletsMost Popular

$ 1,600


Raises $1,600
Costs $320
+ 4 Free Booklets
Bonus Profit $320
Total Profit $1,600
500% Profit

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50 Booklets

$ 4,000


Raises $4,000
Costs $800
+ 10 Free Booklets
Bonus Profit $800
Total Profit $4,000
500% Profit

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100 Booklets

$ 8,000


Raises $8,000
Costs $1,600
+ 20 Free Booklets
Bonus Profit $1,600
Total Profit $8,000
500% Profit

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*All profit calculations assume you choose to pay for your ‘Scratch & Help’ sponsorship booklets in advance. Profit when paying after two weeks of fundraising is 450% on orders of 10 ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets or more.

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What our customers are saying…


4.9 out of 5


4.7 out of 5


4.8 out of 5


4.8 out of 5

Thanks for your help in raising $900 for our team. It's amazing how people just love to scratch off a few dots! We look forward to using 'Scratch & Help' booklets next time we need to fundraise.

Megan Weaver, Strathfield High School

Hi, I ordered 5 scratchy booklets off you last week. The booklets were such a hit I would like to order 5 more as they work really well.

Damian Clyde, Eltham High School

We purchased the scratch booklets to raise money for Relay for Life and found they were a quick easy way to make some money, and people liked the fact they were 'scratching' up an amount rather than have a set amount put upon them.

Jaimee McEwen

'Scratch & Help' fundraising booklets were such a success for us. We quickly raised $1,500 in under 2 weeks to help us get to the State Champs. So simple to organise and remarkably profitable. Thanks!

Volletball Coach, St. Joseph's College

Hi! The books were fantastic. People really enjoyed scratching off the numbers and often people would scratch more increasing the amount that they would have normally donated. It was also easier to ask people to donate because people saw me with the booklets and were wanting to have a scratch just to see what amount they would get. This also increased the donations because more people were willing to donate. The books are great fun and I will certainly use them again.

Chris Zarb

We used these scratchies for our Lacrosse teams fundraising for new uniforms. We had two cards each and it went really well and we actually raised more than $80 per card as some people gave a bit more than they scratched off. Overall it was a really successful fundraiser for us and will definitely do again next year.

Arden Lloyd

Hi All - We found them FANTASTIC!!!!!! Something different to other fundraising ideas and a lot of fun as people turn the “scratching” into a game of fun, like scratching to make a round figure or scratching and guessing what the dot will reveal. We loved them and they will be on our list for years to come.

Belinda Griffiths, Warradale OOSH Centre

We have found this method of fundraising to be fantastic. I have not had one person say 'no' when I have asked them to help, and everyone has commented what a great and different idea these booklets are for fundraising. We will be back for more.

Joanne & Rhiannon

No matter what your fundraising goal,
Scratch & Help booklets will help you get there.


Fundraising for classrooms or entire schools can quickly add up to big contributions for much needed equipment, supplies or trips.

Sports Team Fundraising

Sports teams can quickly raise money to get to their sports events with less hassle than other sponsorship options out there.

Youth Group Fundraising

Scratch & Help booklets are one of the fastest and easiest ways for youth groups to raise money for their activities.


Church groups have found lots of success when using Scratch & Help booklets for their fundraising activities.